The Institute for Traffic Safety and Automation Engineering

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Traffic safety and automation engineering are essential for mobility, traffic and economics. The objective of the institute is to contribute - via academic research and teachings as well as publicity - to road safety by the use of automation of traffic flow and vehicles on road or rail with the help of the most advanced technologies (e.g. satellite systems), description tools, methods and tools.

"Road safety via automation following natural examples."

This is the claim that we realise in our numerous courses as well as in our basic and practical researches and that are published in our congresses or papers. Coming from our main research of traffic safety and automation engineering the research of traffic interaction has its emphasis on the application range of road safety and automation, therefore the main research of systemic and cooperative systems explores the theoretical basics, methods and calculation tools. For research purposes the department is provided with some test vehicles and an experimental area.

In this focus we deal with appealing research projects that are supported by numerous student works.

Those complex tasks demand a strong inter- and transdisciplinary methodical approach that is reflected by our employees. Our well trained students and alumnae are often demanded employees by economics, research and administration. Also spin-offs were founded from these approaches.