Project Objectives

How meaningful are smart grid terms for consumers? What associations dsmart grid terms trigger within potential consumers? How can these associations be interpreted? Can consumer-friendly glossaries be created? These and further questions will be addressed in our project smartterms which aims at methods for the creation of smart terms for the smart grid.

The single aims of this project are:

Long-term objectives:

The project wants to achieve a terminology for different user groups that does not restrict the single user group’s requirements on the terminology.

The project will furthermore establish fundamentals for terminological standardization of smart grid terminology. The systematic and descriptive documentation of existing glossaries is a requirement for the development of a consistent set of terms. This systematic approach is not supported by standardization committees yet, especially in convergent subjects. The project consortion will therefore use its contacts to relevant standardization bodies (DIN, DKE, VDE) to communicate project results which can be used as a resource for further standardization.